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The Hottest Franchise Business Opportunity in 2020

Zeight is a Franchise that enables entrepreneurs and existing business owners to start their own electric bicycle retail store by the 2020 World Trends. With the PRO Concept the possibilities are unlimited, off course for the right person.


We don't change the market, we go with it. There is just a gap between us and our competitors.


We took time to master and improve all necessary to run your business


Custom Designed Specially for you.


Show drastic results. We got your back! 

With 120 Kilometers range you double Your income while renting and touring. 

You Get 24 Custom MKM Beach Cruisers.

17.5 AH Powered By Samsung.

These unique Electric Bicycles are handmade and assembled in the Netherlands.  

Renting out is allowing you to return your investment.

Make Field & Online Sales 

Electric Bicycles Worth Buying

see the e-bikes in virtual reality here

The Intelligence behind Zeight

As we entered in the Artificial Intelligence era, today's software will take the necessary work that we do on computers.


By letting the machine to watch and analyse, we can automate the process of filling forms, documentation and more. This makes you free from essential administrative work, leaving you to focus on the important.


Smart Technology will play a role of protecting us, allowing to raise alarm before defences can be breached and sensitive data compromised.


Data becomes very helpful when making automated decisions, luckily in 2020 it's accurate and more available.Using it, the personalisation with our customers truly is bringing success.  


Natural-language powered chat-bots in customer service. Creating unique social media posts and responding to quires. Support and advice.

Apple Imac Full Setup
Apple IPAD Full Setup
Full Smart Camera Setup with 4K
Square Terminal Complete Hardware Kit
Full  4K Smart TV Setup



Web Support

Easy to find video and voice instructions with help regarding our App Partners, Website and A.I.



Managers will have access to Video instructions of how to manage the day to day business.



We share the easiest ways of fixing anything the team might face. 

Call Center Full Support

open your retail store

Designed exclusively and build for you. Depending on the area & town the customisation will be by the 2020 World Trends.


Sales strategy

Involving a detailed plan of the best practices, sales pitches and  body language. Proven and improved on daily basis system.


digital strategy

Constantly evolving and the heart of the sales & marketing strategy. Including SEO, Website, Conversion Marketing, E-Mail, Lead Generation (CRM), Mobile, Social and ADs.


Marketing strategy

Completely builded and supported by artificial intelligence, your marketing strategy will find even the smallest opportunity to generate revenue and drop the expenses.

Sell Activities,Tours & Excursions

By establishing contacts you can resale unique experiences from your field and online store. By using autonomous systems your business will grow and generate up to 30% from each sale. 

Clothing & Shoes

Unique selection of clothing and limited edition shoes, sold in a custom designed part in your store

Hydro Dipping Technology

Increasing Revenue


All the Staff will be dressed in our brand & designed clothes and shoes.

Making us Recognisable 

Supporting the Team

Coaching & mentoring 

As we believe in you, we will make sure that all the team will be shown the tricks to increase openness to personal learning and development. Every month of the year coaches will visit you to identify solutions to specific work-related issues. You will learn to identify both organisational & individuals strengths and development opportunities.

As you have already discovered Zeight Franchise is something special that was created in 2020. We are always happy to have a chat with you! Speak to you Soon!
Z8 Franchise Consultation
30 min
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